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2CV Kitcarclub - for largely Dutch speaking 2CV based kit car enthusiastsGentry Register - for Gentry enthusiasts
De Nederlandse Algemene Kitcarclub - multi-marque club in the NetherlandsGilbern Owners Club - club for the classic Gilbern kit car range - beach buggy club based in SwedenGinetta Owners Club - for Ginetta enthusiasts
Buggy Boys Belgium - Belgian beach buggy clubGT40 Enthusiasts Club - for GT40 replica kit cars and original Fords
Buggy Boyz aus Wuppertal - German beach buggy clubGTM Owners Club - site for GTM followers
Buggy Club Siegerland - German beach buggy clubHawke Owners Club - for the Morgan-inspired Hawke kit car
Buggy Club in Süddeutschland e.v. - beach buggy club in southern GermanyHensen Owners Club - for the rare Hensen M30
Buggy Club Schweiz - Swiss beach buggy clubItalian Replica Car Club - covers replicas such as Ferrari and Lambo lookalikes
Buggy Freunde Schleswig-Holstein - beach buggy club in GermanyJeremy Phillips Sports Car Club - for fans of Sylva and other cars designed by Jeremy Phillips
Club Automobile Martin - French kit car club including Martin vehiclesJago Owners Club - for Jago enthusiasts
Cobra Club Belgium - Belgian Cobra clubJaguar Enthusiasts Club - club is open to Jaguar replicas and Jag powered kits
Cobra Club Nederland - for Dutch Cobra fansJBA Owners Club - for the JBA range of cars including Falcon
Cobra IG Deutschland - German Cobra clubKent Kit Car Club - multi-marque club in Kent
Cobra Replica Owners Club ry - replica Cobra club in FinlandLatham Sports Register - for the rare Latham F2 Super Sports
Cobra Replica Owners Club Sweden - replica Cobra club in SwedenLocost Builders - Locost discussion forum
Donkervoort Touring Club - club for Donkervoort vehiclesLocust Enthusiasts Club - for the Locust Seven inspired kit car
Dutch Spartan Owners Club - for Spartan drivers in Netherlands and BelgiumLotus Seven Club - for authentic Lotus and Caterham Sevens
German Dutton Club - for Dutton owners but also welcomes other kit carsLotus 7 Register - for 1957 to 1973 Series 1 to 4 Lotus Sevens
Irish Kit Car Club - multi-marque club for kit car enthusiasts in IrelandMarches Car Club - welcomes kit car owners in Herefordshire region
Le Patron Drivers Association - for the 2CV based Le Patron kit carMarlin Owners Club - for the Marlin range of cars past and present - German Lomax clubMcCoy Owners Club - for the Mini based McCoy kit car
Lotus Seven Club Sweden - for Caterham and Lotus Seven fansMEV Owners Group - kit car club for MEV enthusiasts
Lotus Seven Owners Switzerland - for Swiss Seven fansMinari Owners Register - club for the Alfa based Minari kit car
Low Budget Club - VW based buggy and kit car clubMini Marcos Owners Club - covers Mini Marcos, Mini Jem and Kingfisher Sprint
Magyar Kit Car Klub - Hungarian Kit Car Club AssociationMongrels Car Club, Lincoln - multi-marque kit car club in Lincoln
Seven Club - Czech club for Seven inspired kit carsMuddy Buggies - for off-road buggy enthusiasts
Super Seven Club Nederland - for Dutch enthusiasts of Sevens and Seven inspired kitsNG Owners Club - club for the longstanding NG kit car range
 nise7ens - Northern Ireland based club specialising in Seven inspired kits
KIT CAR CLUB WEBSITES:North East Kit Car Club - multi-marque club in north east England
 Northern Duttoneers - group of Dutton owners in north of England
750 Motor Club - motorsport club which stages kit car race seriesNostalgia Sports Car Club - for fans of Nostalgia Jaguar XK replica kit cars
Aeon Owners Club - for enthusiasts of Aeon and Blaze modelsPembleton Enthusiasts - for Pembleton fans
Apple County Kit Car Club - West Country kit car clubQuantum Owners Club - club for Quantum enthusiasts
Banham Sprint Builders - online discussion for Banham Sprint buildersRickman Cars Owners Club - for Rickman Ranger and Metisse kit cars
Banham Spyder Builders - online discussion for Banham Spyder buildersRobin Hood Owners Club and Register - for all Robin Hood kit car fans
Beauford Owners Club - for fans of the Beauford TourerRonart Drivers Club - for Ronart performance car enthusiasts
Blitz North East - NCF Blitz club for north-east EnglandScamp Owners Club - for Moke inspired Scamp kit car fans
Bristol Kit Car Club - for kit car fans in and around BristolScottish Kit Car Club - multi-marque club for Scottish kit cars
Buggy Club UK - beach buggy clubSebring Owners Club - club for the Austin Healey inspired kit cars
Burlington Cars Yahoo Group - Yahoo site for Burlington enthusiastsSe7ens Mailing List - mailing list for fans of Sevens
The Burlington Register - records all Burlington kit cars out thereSG7's Kit Car Club - Hertfordshire based kit car club
Carlton Owners Club - for fans of the Carlton Carrera, Commando and Acer kit carsShropshire Alternative Car Club - welcomes kit car enthusiasts in Shropshire
Challenger Owners Club - Jaguar E-Type replica clubSouthern Dune Buggy Club - for Surrey and London beach / duney buggy fans
Chiltern 7s - group for Seven inspired followers in Oxfordshire areaSouth Wales Kit Car Club - for kit car fans in south Wales
Citroen Specials Club - club for Citroen based kit carsSouth West Tiger Owners Club - Tiger club for south west England and Wales
Clan Owners Club - club for Clan Crusader and derivativesSpartan Owners Club - club for Spartan roadster kit car
Cleveland Kit Car & Specials Owners Club - multi-marque club in north-east EnglandStratos Enthusiasts Club - for original and replica Lancia Stratos enthusiasts
Club Lotus - for authentic Lotus carsSuffolk Coastal Kit Car Club - multi-marque Suffolk kit car club
Covin Technical - for Covin Porsche replica enthusiastsSussex Kit Car Club - kit car club in county of Sussex
Dakar 4x4 Owners Club - club dedicated to Dakar 4x4 vehiclesSouthern Kit Car Club - south east England kit car club
New Davrian Register - celebrates Davrian and Darrian carsSussex Westfields - for Westfield owners in Sussex
Dax Sporting Club - club for followers of Dax vehiclesTeam GTM - GTM enthusiast group
Daytona Replica Club - Ferrari Daytona replica kit car clubTiger Owners Club - for fans of the Tiger and ERA range of kit cars
Die Deutschen Klassiker - classic Porsche club including replicasTorque Cars - online tuning and car performance club
Dutton Owners Club - club for the Dutton range of kit carsWarwickshire 7s - for Caterham and Lotus Seven drivers in Warwickshire
Eagle Owners Club - for enthusiasts of the Eagle rangeWestfield Sports Car Club - club for the Westfield range of kit cars
East Anglian Kit Car Club - multi-marque club in East AngliaWestfield Sports Car Club - Black Country Region - Westfields in the Black Country
East Anglian Tiger Owners Club - for Tiger and ERA enthusiastsWestfield Sports Car Club - Derby and Notts - Westfield kit cars in Derby and Nottinghamshire
Extreme Owners Club - for enthusiasts of the Extreme range of carsWestfield Sports Car Club - Surrey - Westfield kit cars in Surrey
Fugitive Owners Club - UVA Fugitive kit car clubWestfield Sports Car Club - Thames Valley - for Westfield fans in Thames valley region
 Wildcat Owners Club - for JPR Wildcat Jaguar E-Type kit car replica enthusiasts

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